With three decades of experience performing composite structural engineering analysis, design, and fabrication, our customers are confident in our expert capabilities and a thorough understanding of their requirements.

Osprey Technologies was created when we saw a customer need for specialized non-linear composite structural analysis. Using codes such as ANSYS, Abaqus, and NASTRAN, we served a broad range of customers and varied industries. In our early years, Osprey was chosen to perform structural design and analysis on a series of conceptual reusable launch vehicles and spacecraft. We continued to grow as we successfully provided these services for other launch vehicles, such as Taurus and Antares. The company then branched out to support other industries, including projects for a large 400,000 lbm Navy ship structure, the Boeing 787 aircraft, and General Dynamics’ large wind turbine blades.

Seeing the need to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, we applied our extensive knowledge of composite structures and manufacturing methods to assist with design guidance, prototypes, and low production fabrication runs. Having this entrepreneurial aspiration ourselves, we created our all-composite powered paraglider (PPG), the “Evolution” at We believe our success as industry experts is a result of our efforts towards continuous process improvement, learning, and practicing these principles in our own shop, which enables us to help others achieve their own success. Our capabilities list is shown as follows:

Capability Description
Composite Structural Design for Manufacture In-depth knowledge of the numerous composite manufacturing processes allows the rapid design of reliable efficient low-cost structures.
Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS or NX Nastran Non-linear analysis/simulations of composite or metal structures.
CAD Design with Solidworks Rapid 3D design of structures and systems. CAD file creation for subsequent automated manufacturing.
Prototype and Low Production Fabrication Shop capabilities allowing us to produce tooling and subsequent layup, infusion (VARTM), machining, and assembly of composite structures.
Program Management Apply our experience in cost, schedule, and technical oversight of projects to customer programs.
Consulting Engineering Services Review and evaluation for all aspects of structural design, fabrication, destructive and non-destructive testing, and failure investigation.


Osprey Technologies serves both the defense and commercial industries in a wide variety of projects.

We provide an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of composite materials and their structural applications. Our 30 years of experience, combined with education, training, and expert proficiency in design/analysis software, have made us a leader in the field.  Here are some examples of our work:

Developing college curriculum for composite technology program Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.
Link: Composite Tech Program
Development of wind turbine blade for General Dynamics Design and analysis of 22 m composite wind turbine blade; also built the composite doors and oil spill dam for the nacelle.
Development of first all-composite Powered Paraglider (PPG) Osprey Technologies’ in-house development program.
Development program for Harley Davidson Air Filter Cover Assisted an entrepreneur with the fabrication process and refining of end-product production.
Analysis of primary structure joints for Antares launch vehicle

Conducted detailed non-linear analysis of the vehicle’s radial bolted joints. Analysis included details of composite layups. Provided reports on safety margins and recommended design changes.
Design and analysis of automotive chassis Conducted preliminary design and analysis for a conceptual all-composite automotive chassis. Identified materials, fabrication processes, and loads at suspension and motor mount locations.
Thermal-structural analysis of cruise missile composite radome Non-linear thermal-structural analysis of radome to define overall margins.
Thermal-structural analysis for rocket engine combustion chamber Non-linear plastic analysis to verify margins and investigate low cycle fatigue life.