We are a design and engineering analysis firm specializing in composite structures. Located in Sault Ste. Marie MI, we offer composite and engineering services to businesses and individuals including but not limited to the following:

Composite Services

    • Composite/fiberglass boat restore and redesign
    • Composite structure design, fabrication, and installation customized to fit your unique requirements

Engineering Services

    • Structural analysis and simulation
    • Expert finite element analysis (FEA) using ANSYS, Adina, and NX Nastran
    • Guidance for cost-effective composite manufacturing approaches and processes
    • Fabrication of prototypes and low production runs
    • Program/project management

Composite engineering combines the use of carbon, glass, and Kevlar fibers with a wide variety of thermoset and thermoplastic matrix materials to produce stronger and lighter structural and/or functional properties not present in any individual component. Osprey’s composite experience goes beyond polymer matrix composites (PMCs) to include metal and ceramic matrix composites (MMC and CMC).




We perform composite design and analysis for a range of companies, from aerospace to aircraft, and companies that develop energy sources such as wind turbines.

Government Entities


Our clients support entities such as NASA and the Air Force in endeavors that include analyzing the primary structure joints for the Antares launch vehicle, and performing thermal-structural analysis of projects such as a cruise missile composite radome or a rocket engine’s combustion chamber.



We assist entrepreneurs with design formulations based on needed strength, stiffness, weight, fabrication method, and tooling process guidance. We manufacture prototypes and small development runs.